Episodes & Scripts - Season 4

069 * Greek Week
Jesse's grandparents from Greece are visiting the family and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. At their side are Elena, Silvio and Melina. Melina just looks like Michelle and the both get along well. Elena who has a crush on him tells a stunned Jesse that she is still married to him. Well, this 'going round the table' - like D.J. and Silvio have just done - is the wedding ceremony Pompadorian style. Seeing D.J. married isn't a very pleasant thing for Danny who immediately wants them getting divorced. Same counts for Becky and the other pair. After Jesse has gotten the divorce he proposes to Becky for the second time.
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070 * Crimes and Michelle's Misdemeanor
Michelle encourages D.J. and Steph to do a cushion battle. When a window breaks D.J. and Steph get punished, but not Michelle. Well, obeying is not Michelle's strong side and the boys have a lot to do. But a 'pool party' in the kitchen then is too much and Michelle gets her first punishment. Jesse buys an engagement ring for Becky and has to sell his Elvis-Presley-signed guitar to raise the money.
071 * The I.Q. Man
Jesse and Joey have prepared a new commercial. The client wants Jesse for the main role in the spot - but not only for this. When she goes too far, Jesse and Joey quit their job. The others encourage them to open their own office and for that they will need money. But when they get no loan from the bank, they get it from Danny who wants to become their partner.
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072 * Slumber Party
One of Steph's friends gives a mother-daughter slumber party. Becky agrees to accompany Steph but due to a car break-down she has to call off. Now Joey accompanies her but, well, the games designed for women doesn't exactly fit for Joey. Danny offers the attic as office space for Jesse and Joey's new firm. Danny's stuff stored there should be sold.
073 * Good News, Bad News
Jesse and Joey get their first order, to produce a commercial for the morning show 'Wake up, San Francisco'. But working with Danny isn't that much fun. D.J. is the new editor-in-chief of the shool paper. She gives Kimmy the job of the sports reporter but after a report which actually belongs to the gossip column she has to fire her. Now their friendship is on the razor's edge. Michelle plays 'Echo' with Steph, but hearing every word she says repeated drives Steph crazy.
074 * A Pinch For A Pinch
Instead of Joey, who has to go to the dentist, Jesse should take over his part as parents' supervision in the pre-school. There Aaron is annoying Michelle, takes away her cookie and pinches her. Jesse tells her she should defend herself and so she does. The teacher watches this and Aaron and Michelle get punished. Jesse, who can't understand why, immediately takes her out of the pre-school. And that is something Danny completely can't agree with. Kimmy, now in charge of the horoscope in the school's magazine, has written one that seems to fit perfectly for Steph's day.
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075 * Viva Las Joey
Due to an illness the chimps can't perform in a benefit show in Las Vegas. Now Joey gets the chance he has always dreamed of - he is opening for Wayne Newton. As this is something great the others ask him whether he doesn't want to invite his parents. His mother would not be able to come and with his dad he doesn't get along well. But D.J. and Steph, however, invite him. In Las Vegas Joey and his dad meet again after a long time.
076 * Shape Up
D.J. has been invited to a poolparty but she fears looking bad in a bathing suit, so she decides going on a (crash) diet. The first to notice that something's wrong with her is Steph but she reluctantly promises not to tell the others. But then in the gym D.J. collapses and now Steph, who is obviously afraid that something could happen to D.J., can't keep the secret any longer.
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077 * One Last Kiss
It's Jesse's 10 years class reunion. There he also meets his great love back then, Kerry. Ten years ago the've split up because Kerry got the chance to be a model in France while Jesse wanted to force his musician career - but he has promised to go on where they've split up. Kerry wants to have Jesse again but he has a good reason not to fall for her - Becky. Steph throws a birthday party for Comet. The guest list? Comet's friends from the neighborhood.
078 * Terror In Tanner Town
Danny has found a new love, Cindy. He invites her and her son to dinner. Due to a kind of emergency in her shop, Cindy must leave earlier. Rusty, who stays, has already begun playing his tricks on everyone in his sight. Soon he has driven mad all person in the house.
079 * Secret Admirer
D.J. has fallen for the paperboy Ricky. As he can't stop playing his tricks, Rusty writes a love letter and Michelle should deliver it to D.J. to make her think the letter is from Ricky. But Michelle hands over the letter to Steph, telling her its from Rusty. And that's the beginning ... of a real confusing story. The letter goes through everybody's hands and each one thinks they have a lover who shouldn't be one.
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080 * Danny In Charge
Jesse and Joey are in the woods to film a fox for their new commercial. At home, Danny alone is in charge of the kids. He promises to come to a competition Steph is attending. Later on, he also promises to come to see D.J. playing the female lead in 'Romeo and Juliet'. Too late he realizes that there's a big problem: both events take place at the same time.
081 * Happy New Year
Joey hasn't found any date for New Year's Eve. Therefore Jesse and Danny secretly tape a presentation and send it in to a video dating company. And really: the right person for Joey answers. Kimmy gives a New Year's Eve party just for a few of the closest friends - it ends up with 400 guests.
082 * Working Girl
D.J. wants to have a quite expensive pair of shoes. When she doesn't get the money from her dad, she suggests taking on a job. Danny permits it on the condition that she won't get any worse in school. But then she fails in the physics test. Now she fears telling her dad and Kimmy without hesitation turns the 'F' to an 'A'. Danny is taken by this, but not Jesse. So she can't delay it any longer: she must tell her dad. For Jesse and Becky it's time to set a location for the upcoming wedding: Graceland or Nebraska ?
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083 * Ol'Brown Eyes
D.J. has organized a fund-raiser with, among others, Jesse, Joey, and, as host, Danny. But Danny has the crazy idea singing a song with the band - this is something D.J. really isn't happy about and, after she has seen him singing at home, even less. So she talks him out of this, but she doesn't feel any better. Michelle has found a new interesting game: Hide and Seek - she hides something and the others must find it. The 'thing' is Jesse's wedding ring for Becky, and Joey is 'the one' who's desperately seeking it.
084 * Stephanie Gets Framed
Danny gets informed that Steph has reading problems. The consequences are a visit at the eye specialist and then glasses. Now she fears looking like a geek with the others laughing at her. From Steve she gets hold of a trick: Make the others laugh first with her before they start laughing about her. Jesse has another problem: he should designate his best man. But if he chooses Danny, Joey is disappointed and vice versa. Well, he chooses Joey but seeing a disappointed Danny makes him think over his decision.
085 * A Fish Called Martin
Michelle wins a fish at the carnival and calls him Martin. But Martin hasn't long to live when she treats Martin to take a foam bath. Still one week to go for Becky and Jesse. Becky insists on square dance at the wedding party ... and training starts today.
086 * The Wedding (1)
One day to go and Becky's relatives are coming. Though they were once the best friends, the friendship between Michelle and Howie has lost its edge. Jesse and Becky's dad also can't come together when they meet for the first time. One day later, on Valentine's Day, it's wedding time. Jesse has decided to undertake one final adventure before he gets married - he goes skydiving. But unfortunately he lands on a tree and can't get down.
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087 * The Wedding (2)
A car comes by, Jesse let himself fall onto the tomato load, then he wants to 'borrow' the car, the sheriff accidentally comes by - and Jesse lands up in jail. At the church, not only the guests are impatiently waiting for Jesse. When Jesse phones, Becky comes to take him out of jail but going back to church isn't that easy when the car gets towed off. But then - finally - Becky and Jesse marry.
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088 * Fuller House
Jesse and Becky return from their honeymoon. Now it's time to pack up Jesse's belongings because he will move in at Becky's. Especially Michelle is quite sad about this and misses Jesse, and even more after he has left. Jesse, too, misses the kids. Becky, knowing that her husband won't get happy, talks to Danny and he agrees on Becky and Jesse moving in. The both get the attic, the business office moves down into the garage and Joey moves into Jesse's old room. That's the end of D.J.'s dream having a room of her own because now the thrown out Steph returns. Steph has problems with fractions.
089 * The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang
D.J.'s got a twin sister in Steph: she dresses like D.J., she doesthe things D.J. does ... When D.J. wants to 'borrow' a shirt out from Danny's closet they first let fall down the bar with all its shirts and then when trying to fix it, while arguing who's to blame, they push the bar through the wall leaving back a big hole in the wall. Joey helps Jesse fitting out his new home.
090 * Stephanie Plays The Field
Steph has fallen for Brett. After talking to D.J. she knows she has to share interests with him. As Brett is a baseball player, she tries to get into her father's baseball team. This isn't that hard as Steph seems to be a great pitcher. One week later the Giants (with Steph) face the Cubs (with Brett). Before the game Brett comes by to wish her luck and ask her if she couldn't throw easy balls for him. During the game she pitches easy balls for him but in the last inning she has to make a decision: throwing an easy ball or her 'Tanner Twister' - shall she let down the team or her friend ? Becky and Jesse move into their new home but being alone is not that easy.
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091 * Joey Goes Hollywood
Joey is casted for the new comedy show 'Surf's Up', starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. For the taping of the pilot the family goes to Hollywood. Steph is harassed by her schoolfellows who call her 'Step on me'. As a result Steph wants to change her name to Dawn Ariel Tanner. Michelle has found out how to make a long-distance call, but chatting with her friend in Tokyo isn't that cheap.
092 * Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
D.J. has a great plan: while baby-sitting her boyfriend comes by. She just missed one point - Danny doesn't allow her going babysitting because she has to learn for school. But she just has told Ryan to meet her so with Becky's permission she goes there. She would stay just ten minutes but after half an hour later when Danny wants to talk to her Becky has to confess. Jesse 'The Kid' thinks he's the best pool player but has to find out that there's a better player around.
093 * The Graduates
Danny feels old and even older after others have estimated his age. Except with one, a 21 year old female college student who's working with him. He dates her. D.J. has her graduation ceremony in Junior High, Michelle has her in pre-school, but Steph never got the chance of having such a ceremony herself.
094 * Rock The Cradle
Becky is informed by her physician that she's pregnant. Now she doesn't dare to pass this on to Jesse because she doesn't know how he would react. But just before she has prepared herself to tell him, he tells her that he has got a contract and will go on tour for two months. Today's special guest star: Glen as Michelle's ivisible friend.
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